Secetion of 16 Star Shaped Melts inspired by the Imperial Leather collection.


The container is made from recycled plastics and is fully recylable.


2 x melts in each of the following fragrances.


Cherry Bon Bon - A fun and fruity red cherry accord with supporting notes of strawberry, orange and lemon leading to a pretty floral heart and a sweet, fruity sugary base.


Fruit Salad - A sweet, fizzy chewy accord with peach, pineapple, orange, lemon, pear and strawberry.


Cola Cube - A sweet confectionery accord of cola with supporting notes of juicy lemon and lime and spicy cinnamon with a mouth-watering fizz.


Bubblegum - A sweet edible smelling bubblegum fragrance with hints of delicate orange, ripe raspberry and light floral notes.


Sherbert Lemon - A sweet fizzy confectionery accord of sherbet lemons.


Strawberry Bon Bon - A fresh mouth-watering strawberry fragrance sweetened by hints of vanilla and dry fruits.


Parma Violets - A classic parma violet fragrance oil enhanced with fragrant heliotrope, rose, lily, iris and a hint of spice.


Pineapple Cubes - A sugary tutti frutti accord with fresh pear, pineapple and banana with a touch of sweet vanilla.

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